Guided Dives in Florida

821 S. E. Hwy 19 Crystal River, FL 34429
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Visit Crystal River on a snorkel with the manatee tour to see Florida all year.

Offering 2 locations to snorkel with manatee on
Crystal River and Homosassa.

Snorkel or dive the lazy Rainbow River Florida.

Discount scuba diving packages and dive the caverns.

The view is breathtaking on Manatee Tours.

Onsite scubadiving class with our indoor pool.

Just a phone call away for several guided dives.

Open water scuba class and Referral dive instruction.

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Guided Dives

Crystal River Dive and
Snorkel Manatee Tour Combo

$59.50 plus gear/5prkv 7:00 AM


The Crystal River dive and snorkel offers something for every family member. Start the morning snorkeling with the curious and playful manatees in the 72 degree Crystal River Florida Springs. These wonderful, gentle mammals come up to the surface for a friendly petting and an occasional belly rub. After enjoying this incredible experience with the manatee, snorkel the main spring called Kings Spring. To top off your manatee tour scuba divers enjoy the optional Crystal River dive into 30 ft. of open water to the entrance of the cavern. An abundance of fish hang outside the Kings Spring cavern where the divers proceed on the adventure with the dive master into the cavern that has snapper, crabs, fossils, and a maximum depth of 50'. A great adventure.

Our highly trained Captains, Divemasters, and Instructors guide you on the Crystal River manatee tour to the best locations for viewing the manatees. While in the water, staff help you interact in a manner that is safe and fun for both you and the Florida Manatees. The dive master videotapes both the manatee snorkel and dive. A DVD is available to remember your Crystal River manatee tour in Florida.


Rainbow River Dive

$35.00 plus gear/5ppe 1:00 PM


Starting at American Pro Dive Center for the Rainbow River tour the snorkelers and divers follow the guide through a neighboring small town to a beautiful wooded area just north of the shop. Loading the gear on the boat is made easy and the view along the waters edge is unbelievable especially to anyone who lives in the city. The fresh air alone just relaxes your thoughts and worries of usual day to day grind. The trees along the shore make home for birds and a beautiful backdrop for this setting. Traveling up river and looking over the side of the boat you may see several types of fish, turtles, and even the occasional otter. Learning about facts and background history of the Rainbow River from your Captain adds interest to the boat ride.


Manatee Springs Dive

$59.50 plus equipment 12:30 PM


The Manatee Springs dive offers two dive sites at this location. The first is hidden away with little lilly pads called duckweed covering the surface. Once on your descent the bubbles from your regulator open holes in the ceiling for the suns rays to give a beautiful colorful atmosphere. Don't forget the camera, the cavern and the clear springs that makes this 60 foot dive memorable. After swapping out tanks, start the excitement with the spring propulsion ride! This spring has a depth of 40 feet and a high flow spring vent. Fin kicking to the outflow and when you stop the strength of this florida spring glide you with the outflow. The varieties of fish and turtles will excite the diver or snorkeler.


Blue Grotto

$59.50 plus equipment 12:30 PM


The Blue Grotto Dive in Florida is guided by our divemaster and for all experience levels of divers because of its great visibility. Descend down the first 70 feet of open water to view a variety of fish, fossils in the limestone walls, and even a friendly turtle. Along the way at 30 ft check out the air bell that made this grotto dive famous. The bell is located on the ceiling of this cavern dive and is supplied with compressed air from the surface. Talk to your dive buddy underwater, this florida spring allows you to do just that. Don't talk to long because time in the air bell still counts toward your bottom time but the compressed air is free.


Devils Den

$59.50 plus equipment 12:30 PM


Devil's Den is a most unique dive site. Florida's only underground prehistoric spring. To enter, divers descend down into the earth by a short flight of stairs. Upon reaching the bottom, the echoes of water drops ring through the air cavern. With steam rising from this florida spring, on cool days, gives atmosphere and reason how this dive site got its name. This is a 50 foot depth spring with many swim trough's, air pockets, and prehistoric fossils to excite even the most adventurous of divers. Don't forget the fish food because the catfish are huge and hungry. Like our other guided florida springs dives the water is a constant 72 degree and a 3mm wetsuit is needed.


Paradise Springs

$59.50 plus equipment 12:30 PM


Paradise Springs, in Florida, is truly a dive oasis. This is a guided two tank dive into a prehistoric cavern. Imagine diving in a crystal clear underwater volcano, where the fossils are just a few feet underwater. This dive starts with a huge whale bone protruding from the cavern. Paradise Springs is a deep dive descending down to 105 feet at the bottom of the ballroom. Over time the water carved this room to look like a roman arena.


Night Dives

$45.00 plus equipment Sunset (Call)


The Rainbow River is a shallow night dive option conducted year round. Divers not only enjoy the night life of this crystal clear spring system, but also a unique drift dive combined with the pleasure of seeing what your light illuminates. The inventory of animals that can be seen includes sunfish, bass, brim, speckled gar, bowfin, painted turtles, miniature snapping turtles, and soft-shelled turtles, as well. This nice, easy night/drift dive is truly a site that should be experienced.